Chester Society for Landscape History


If youʼre interested in place-names, fields or just want to participate in some research which will be of genuine value to current and future landscape historians, you may like to get involved in Chester Society for Landscape Historyʼs new field-names project.

The initial phase of the project will focus on collecting information about past and present field-names in parishes on either side of the Welsh border, using a combination of both desk and field research. Once weʼve recorded the names for posterity, weʼre planning to subject the data to various analyses, compare and contrast the type of field-names used on either side of the border, and publish our findings in a booklet.

There are also plans to produce booklets about field-names in other Cheshire parishes, enabling members to build on any existing research undertaken or focus on their immediate locality.

For more details about any aspect of the project, including what type of data needs to be collected and how to record it, please contact the field-names steering group at: